Gift/Memorial Team

This team keeps account of memorial designated funds and directs the funds use in accordance with the St. Andrew’s and the donor’s wishes. They assure that memorials are dispersed in an appropriate way so as to not impact the congregational image or facilities in a damaging way. They work with all the other committees to assist in aligning the use of memorials in-line with committee initiatives where appropriate.

What is a Church Memorial Fund?

A church gift/memorial fund is established for the purpose of receiving and holding money given to the church in memory or honor of someone or to honor a special occasion.

Notification of the Gift/Memorial Fund

A family usually includes a notice in the obituary indicating that a memorial fund was established for St. Andrew Lutheran Church in memory of the deceased.

Why give a memorial or honorarium gift?

A memorial gift is a way to let the bereaved family know that people care and wish to remember the deceased in a special way. An honorarium is a way to remember a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, wedding, graduation, baptism, etc.

How is a memorial or honorarium made?

Both are processed in the same manner. A check or cash may be placed in an envelope and presented to the family or given to the church. Gifts given to the church are acknowledged and the family or individual is advised of each donor so they may thank them.

What happens to the money?

All money received from the family or church will be set aside by the gift/memorial team and held in escrow until the family decides how they wish to disperse the funds.

What memorials are available?

The gift/memorial team or the pastor can provide the family with a list of possible memorials or honorariums which may enhance worship, parish life or the church building. This list prevents the church from receiving items that are unusable or are contrary to the beliefs and practices of the church.

The next step… The pastor or a member of the gift/memorial team will meet with the family to discuss which item(s) they choose as a memorial gift. (Some items might be costly and may require the combination of several memorial donations to make the designated purchase.) When the total cost of the item is available and a decision is made, the item is purchased, dedicated, and put to use.