First Communion and Bible Presentation:

– Please let me or Anita know by March 20 if your child would like to join our First Communion preparation class. I know that in years past the age limit has been 5th grade and up, but we are working on a more expansive practice of the sacraments and invite all children in 2nd grade and up. If your child is younger than 2nd grade but you would like for them to begin taking communion, please talk to me. This is totally doable 🙂 Classes will be on Sundays in between worship services (9:45-10:30), beginning March 27. First communion celebration is May 15 in both services.

– One of the commitments we make in baptism is to put the word of God into our children’s hands. St. Andrew practices this commitment each year as we gift our 3rd graders with a Spark Bible (different from the Spark story bible for little kids). Please let me or Anita know by March 27 if your child will be celebrating this next part of their faith journey with us! Bible presentation will be in both services on April 10.

Wednesday Soup Supper and Holden Evening Prayer:

Please join us each Wednesday during Lent for a soup supper and evening prayer. We will meet at 6 for our meal–please bring a pot of soup or loaf of bread as you are able!–with a hymn sing at 6:45 and Holden Evening Prayer at 7. We will not be providing a Zoom link for these services. 

Weekly Bible Study:

Please join us at 10 am each Wednesday as we finish up the book of Acts. If you are unable to join us in person, our Zoom link will be open!We will NOT meet next Wednesday, April 13.


  1. Other Faith Formation Opportunities:I receive A LOT of emails from other organizations with their many, many faith formation offerings–and I wanted to start sharing them here! If you have any questions about the options, please let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them
  2. A) Luther Seminary’s Faith+Lead Learning Lab:a digital ministry of the ELCA that provides space for people of faith to more deeply engage with one another. They also regularly offer amazing webinars that I myself frequently participate in as a part of my continuing education. For more information, check them out!
  3. B) 5 Day Innovation Challenge–Find your place in God’s story:“Do you ever feel like you’ve lost the plot – like your faith or life don’t seem to matter? Maybe the noise of being alive got too loud, or isolation from the pandemic provided too much quiet. For whatever reason, the story shifted and you lost your place in it. It’s happened to all of us. It might be happening right now.” For more information and to register for this FREE opportunity, go here:


One Congregation, Two Services, One Heart

  1. A) 8:30 am worship using the ELW (cranberry hymnal) for our liturgy and service music
  2. B) 9:45 am: KFC Sunday school meets this week. The adult forum continues their way through Rick Warren’s A Purpose Driven Life. Extra copies are available if you need one. 
  3. C) 10:45 am worship with contemporary language for our liturgy and music