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The Pastor’s Pen, September, 2018

As we head into September and begin another year of Sunday School, Confirmation, and other Christian education ministries here at St. Andrew, I am reminded of the promise that the congregation makes whenever a child is baptized. After the parents promise to help their child grow in the Christian faith and life, and after the sponsors promise to nurture the child in the faith, we then ask the congregation, “People of God, do you promise to support this child and pray for her in her new life in Christ?”

Why do we ask the congregation that question? Because we recognize that when it comes to raising a child to be a faithful follower of Jesus, parents and sponsors are not able to do it by themselves. When it comes to supporting and nurturing a child in the faith, it really does “take a village.”

Sunday School teachers, Vacation Bible School teachers, First Communion instructors, Head to the Heart guides, God Squad leaders, Work Camp and Youth Gathering chaperones – anyone who is involved in the youth and Christian education ministries of our congregation plays a vital role in helping us fulfill the promise we make when our children are baptized. To all of you who volunteer with these ministries, thank you!

But we also need to remember that it’s not only the people who volunteer with our children and youth ministries who help us to fulfill our baptismal promise. It’s everyone who, through their prayers, through their congregational participation, through their financial contributions, helps make St. Andrew a church where serving and following Jesus is modeled and where the Christian faith is put into practice.

Children learn the faith in their Sunday School classrooms, but they also learn the faith in worship when they sing the songs and speak the words of the prayers. Middle school students learn the faith in their Head to the Heart small groups, but they also learn the faith when they volunteer with PADS or help our quilters assemble baby care kits. High school students learn the faith in their Sunday morning Bible study, but they also learn the faith when they come to our monthly movie night and participate in the after-movie discussion. Raising our children to be followers of Jesus is a congregation-wide ministry.

To all of you who faithfully support the life and ministries of our church, thank you! Along with our teachers and youth leaders, you, too, are helping to fulfill the promise we make when our children are baptized.

I’m excited to have us enter into another year of ministry! May God help us to be a congregation where all people, children, youth, and adults, are growing daily in their relationship with Christ.

Pastor Selbo

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