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The Pastor’s Pen

          “God’s Word is our great heritage and shall be ours forever;

to spread its light from age to age shall be our chief endeavor.

Through life it guides our way; in death it is our stay.

Lord, grant while time shall last your church may hold it fast           

throughout all generations.”

The words of the above hymn, sung to the tune of Martin Luther’s “A Mighty Fortress,” are a powerful proclamation of the centrality of God’s Word in the life of the Christian church.  A light that guides us in life and comforts us in death, God’s Word is a precious heritage that we are called to pass on to future generations.

In the month of October, as we celebrate the Protestant Reformation, it’s good to be reminded that for Luther and the other reformers faithfulness to God’s Word was the driving force behind their efforts to call the church back to a true understanding of the gospel.  It was through prayerful study of the Bible that Luther discovered the liberating good news that we are put right with God, not by anything that we might do, but solely by God’s grace given us in Jesus Christ.  Apart from Luther’s being enlightened by the truth of scripture, the Reformation never would have happened.

Living in the United States in the 21st century, you and I are fortunate to have God’s Word readily available to us.  Unlike in Luther’s day, we don’t have to know Greek, Hebrew or Latin in order to read the Bible.  There are many good English translations that are highly readable and understandable.  In any Christian book store, and also in stores like Barnes & Noble, there is a wide selection of Bibles from which to choose.  You can even find good translations of the Bible online.

The question for us today is not whether we have access to God’s Word, but whether we are taking advantage of just how available God’s Word has become.  Are you and I, as the hymn says, holding fast to God’s Word?  Are we letting it be our guide and support?  Do we make reading the Bible a part of our daily devotional life?  Do we regularly attend worship where God’s Word is read and proclaimed?  Do we participate in Bible studies, either at the church or in other settings?  Do we teach God’s Word to our children and grandchildren?

God’s Word is a divinely inspired gift through which God himself comes to us.  Let’s not waste that gift!  Let’s not miss out on the joys of knowing the God who is revealed to us in scripture.  As heirs of the Reformation, I urge us to be people of the Word.  May God’s Word be central, both in the life of our congregation, and in our individual and family lives as well.

Thanks be to God for the gift of God’s Word!

Pastor Selbo

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