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By the time you read this, our St. Andrew workcamp crew will have returned from their trip to Parma, Ohio.  They’ll be full of stories … about the work they did on people’s houses … about friendships they made with workcampers from other parts of the country … about their experiences at the high-energy evening programs … about the various “God-sightings” that they witnessed.  Hopefully we’ll have an opportunity early this fall to hear from our workcampers during a Sunday morning worship service.  When you get the chance, be sure to ask one of the participants about their trip!

The theme of this year’s workcamp trip was “Reframe.”  It has to do with reframing – refocusing – our perspective so that Jesus is always in the center.

That’s an important theme!  We live in a world where it’s easy for our perspective to get out of focus.  We live in a world that tries to turn our attention away from Jesus.  We live in a world that tempts us to put other things – problems, desires, even ourselves – in the center.  If we are to remain faithful to the One who has called us to follow him, then reframing – refocusing – needs to happen on a daily, or maybe even hourly, basis.

On a workcamp trip, reframing takes place in a number of different ways:  through morning and evening worship; through daily devotions; through the encouragement of friends; through the bonds that develop with other members of your site crew; through giving of yourself by serving others.  The whole workcamp experience is designed to reframe and refocus one’s perspective.

But even for those of us who haven’t gone on a workcamp trip, those same kinds of reframing activities are available to us.  We can pray and read the Bible each day.  We can worship regularly.  We can gather with other believers – in a small group, in a Bible study, around a meal.  We can give of ourselves in service, both within and beyond the congregation.  All of us, workcampers or not, can experience the joy of having our attention refocused on Jesus!

I’m grateful to the workcampers for doing such a fine job of representing St. Andrew.  And I’m grateful to the congregation for generously supporting this most worthwhile event.  Thank you!

Pastor Selbo

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