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We are currently in the season of the church year known as Epiphany.  The focus for Epiphany could perhaps best be described as “Making Jesus Known.”  Through the star in the east, God made Jesus known to the wise men.  Through the voice at his baptism, Jesus was made known to John the Baptist and the others who were there.  Through his teachings and miracles, Jesus was made known to his disciples and the crowds.  The season of Epiphany is a time when we focus on God’s intention to make Jesus known to all the people of the world.

As people who are part of the Christian church, you and I are privileged to have had Jesus made known to us through the witness of others.  Our parents, our pastors, our Sunday school teachers, our friends – there have probably been many people who have played a role in making Jesus known to us.  These people, in a very real sense, are the “stars” who have led us to Jesus.  Without their caring enough about both us and the gospel, we might never have come to know the love of our Savior.  During Epiphany it is most appropriate to offer thanks for the witness of these individuals.

And it’s also appropriate that we take seriously our calling to now be “stars” to others.  As parents and grandparents, what are we doing to introduce our children and grandchildren to Jesus?  Through our interaction with the people around us – in our communities, at our jobs, in our schools – what are we doing to make Jesus known?  Are we looking for opportunities to invite friends to worship, or to invite neighborhood children to Sunday school?  Do we say to people whom we know are going through struggles, “I’m praying for you,” both as a way of supporting them, but also as a way giving witness to our faith?  Are we letting our light shine, not just with our words, but also with our actions?

One of the reasons God has brought us together as a congregation is so that we can support one another in our calling to make Jesus known.  As we worship together, as we pray and study together, as we work together and play together, we are able to build each other up.  We are able to encourage and strengthen each other.  Coming together with sisters and brothers in Christ helps us to be stars who shine just a little bit brighter.

The season of Epiphany is a great reminder of our mission, both as individuals and as congregation, to be making Jesus known.  We give thanks for those individuals who have made Jesus known to us.  And we give thanks for fellow believers who support and encourage us as we seek to make Jesus known to others.

See you in worship during this season of Epiphany!

Pastor Selbo

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