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Many years ago, Gerhard Frost, a Lutheran pastor and teacher, wrote a brief meditation called Silence Breakers:

“God is silence, but in Jesus Christ he has broken that silence.” Ever since one of the greatest of New Testament scholars said that in my hearing, I’ve thought of it and quoted it often.

God is unknowable at the depth at which I must know him, unless he makes himself known – unknowable as Savior, as mercy, until he reveals himself in the person of Jesus Christ.

But God has shattered the silence, has stepped into the void and bridged the chasm. And, since he has, you and I are meant to be silence-breakers. Life is mission, and that mission is Christ, our Lord.

The good news of the Christian gospel is that in Christ, God has made himself known. In Christ, God has revealed his mercy, his love, his grace. The baby in the manger is God come to earth. Through that baby, God has shattered the silence that separates us from himself. Through Christ, God has broken into our world and entered our lives.

As we enter the seasons of Advent and Christmas, we are reminded that in Christ, God has revealed himself to us and given us life. And we are reminded too, as Dr. Frost says so well, that our mission is now to share Christ with others. Just as God sent angels to direct the shepherds to Bethlehem and a star to direct the wise men, so God sends you and me to direct others to him. Filled with the love of our Savior, our words and actions become signposts that point people to Jesus.

I invite you to join us for our services of worship during Advent and Christmas: on Sunday mornings, Wednesday evenings, and on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Our worship will help us celebrate the gift God has given us – the gift of himself, the gift of broken silence. And our worship will help inspire us to share that gift – to be, as the mediation says, silence breakers.

A blessed Advent and Christmas to all of you!

Pastor Selbo

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