The Pastor’s Pen January, 2011

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The Pastor’s Pen – January 2011

I share with you some thoughts, slightly edited, that my father-in-law, Pastor Gaylen Gilbertson, wrote for another church’s newsletter a number of years ago.  I continue to give thanks for Gaylen’s insights, and even more, for the Savior to whom his words point.

May each of us experience the joy felt by the wise men as they were led to the King.

– Pastor Selbo

“Among the principal festivals of the Christian church is one which is overshadowed by the lingering glory of Christmas.  It always falls on January 6th, the ‘Twelfth Day of Christmas.’  It is called Epiphany Day.  The word ‘epiphany’ is a Greek word which means appearance, or shining forth, or revelation.

“The purpose of this festival is to highlight the Christmas declaration that God’s salvation has come to the whole world.  It does this by pointing first to the wise men who arrived on that first Christmas scene from a foreign country (probably present-day Iraq), having been led in a miraculous way by an unusually bright star.

“In our mind’s eye we can see these men of wisdom, obediently following the truth that had been revealed to them.  They were wise enough to believe and to obey.  They saw the star and traveled in its light.  Would that we, too, would follow the star of God’s Word to the living Christ and walk in the light of the gospel in faith and obedience.

“The story of the wise men points to the joy which filled their hearts when they discovered Jesus.  In awe and wonder they knelt before him and worshiped.  They may have come out of curiosity, but they went forth with a song in their hearts.  That’s what worship does for a person.

“Worship is perhaps the most important single ingredient in the life of a Christian.  Worship is like a compass which orients our lives toward God.  It is coming to God with all our failures, limitations, fears, doubts, sorrows and sins, and leaving them with the Lord so that we can go forth with healing, forgiveness, love and light for the journey.

“For 2000 years the church has highlighted the faith, obedience and worship of the wise men.  The wise persons in our day are still those who follow the example of those wise men from the East.  The wise still come to Jesus.  The wise still give their best to the King of kings.  The wise still worship.

“We are living in the after-glow of Christmas, still warmed by the good news of Christ’s coming.  Because of Christmas we know that our past can be forgiven.  Because of Christmas we know that we have light for our journey into the unknown of 2011.  God is with us!

“May we follow the example of the wise men during the new year, resolving to worship regularly within the fellowship of our church. Remember that the wise still worship the Christ.”

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