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The Pastor’s Pen

Editors Note: While Pastor Selbo is on sabbatical a selection of his previous ‘Pastor’s Pens’ will be published.  This reprint is from 2005.


In early July, within a five-day period, I had the privilege of presiding at a wedding, baptizing three babies, and conducting the funeral of an elderly faithful member of the congregation.  That’s one of the joys of being a pastor  being invited to share in significant events at different stages in people’s lives.  It’s a privilege for which I am continually and deeply grateful.

Participating in those kinds of milestones on people’s journeys through life reminds me of both a Bible verse and a hymn, each of which speaks of God’s promise to accompany us through every stage of our lives.

The verse (actually two verses) is Isaiah 46:3-4.  God says to us in those verses:  “[You] have been borne by me from your birth, carried from the womb; even to your old age I am he, and to gray hairs I will carry you.  I have made, and I will bear; I will carry and will save.”

What a wonderful promise!  The God who created us and was there at our birth will carry us even to old age.  The God who was with us at the beginning of life will be with us at the end, and at every moment in-between.  Actually, those wouldn’t be a bad couple of verses to memorize!

And then the hymn (perhaps you’ve guessed) is John Ylvisaker’s Borning Cry:

I was there to hear your borning cry, I’ll be there when you are old.

I rejoiced the day you were baptized to see your life unfold.

I was there when you were but a child, with a faith to suit you well;

In a blaze of light you wandered off to find where demons dwell.

When you heard the wonder of the Word

I was there to cheer you on;

You were raised to praise the living Lord,

to whom you now belong.

If you find someone to share your time and you join your hearts as one,

I’ll be there to make your verses rhyme from dusk till rising sun.


In the middle ages of your life, not too old, no longer young,

I’ll be there to guide you through the night, complete what I’ve begun.

When the evening gently closes in and you shut your weary eyes,

I’ll be there as I have always been with just one more surprise.


I was there to hear your borning cry, I’ll be there when you are old.

I rejoiced the day you were baptized, to see your life unfold.

(#770 With One Voice)


No matter what stage we are at on our journey through life, we can know that God is with us, guiding, strengthening, carrying.  That’s a promise we can count on.  It’s a promise we can cling to always.

See you in worship.

Pastor Selbo

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